About MCXI Candles

Black and Veteran Owned Candle Company

 Launches Scent-sual Collections  

Beaumont, CA,--  Set the Mood with MCXI Candles. Created by US Army Veteran Eda Boss. This California-based company aims to change the game when it comes to "Bedroom Ambiance" and invigorate the intimacy for couples to express their love in more ways than one. With their After Hours Collection, indulge in hand-poured 100% soy wax that will provide hours of burn time. Giving a whole new reason for a nightcap, MCXI Candles offers a creative spin of what really goes down "After Hours." Next you have a fresh linen scent that provides an arousing vanilla fragrance.  Grip the Sheets, not only captivates your senses, but also encompasses a spa effect with the use of soy wax to be used as a massage oil and moisturizer. To take passion to a whole new level, indulge with their Goddess scent of pineapple and sage. Geared to make any woman feel appreciated and loved, it offers a beautiful combination that suits anyone’s eclectic energy. MCXI Candles carefully thought out their collection to bring the customers a full range of fragrances to maximize their Bedroom Atmosphere. End the night with their best-selling candle, Long Kiss Goodnight. This deeply sumptuous fragrance combines the perfect blend of lavender, eucalyptus, almond, and honey to give the perfect complemented fragrance to a wonderful evening. 

Nothing says romance quite like candles, when an MCXI Candle is lit for the occasion, there are no limits.