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Eden's Spa Essentials  CBD Oil (4 oz.)
Eden's Spa Essentials  CBD Oil (4 oz.)

Eden's Spa Essentials CBD Oil (4 oz.)

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About Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring substance found in the plant that is used to create products such as oils, edibles, and tincture. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive so it will not give you a “high” feeling. There are currently one of over 100 identified cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. People use CBD in many different ways, and for many different reasons. We recommend that our customers do their own research using trusted, 3rd-party sources to learn more about CBD and what people use it for.


Benefits of Eden's Spa Essentials CBD oil 


1. Reduce Tension

One of the main reasons to use Eden's Spa Essentials Clinical Grade CBD Oil is to relieve tension from your body. Both in body and mind, the cannabinoids in Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil  helps to do this.

This is because Our Clinical CBD Grade oil helps to ease and relax your muscles as the cannabinoids enter our endocannabinoid system via the skin. Since it doesn’t contain THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, you won’t get high from it.

This means you can go about the rest of your day without feeling high and still enjoy the relaxing afterglow.


2. Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain. This is because CBD is proven to be an excellent way to treat pain management.

The cannabinoids in Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothes muscles. This makes it very effective at providing relief from painful joints and muscles.

People who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, and so much more can reap the many benefits of Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil . You might start to feel the effects within minutes and it can last for hours afterward.


3. Alleviates Anxiety and Stress

If you suffer from anxiety or feel stressed often, you could also enjoy the benefits of  Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil. CBD oil is hailed for its ability to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, and a massage could be the most effective use of it.

This is because Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil induces a soothing and calming effect but doesn’t get you high. A massage without CBD oil will help you to de-stress, and paired with CBD oil it’s a match made in heaven!

The effects of a Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil can last for up to two hours and is the perfect way to calm down and ease.

4. Improves Skin Conditions

Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil is, in fact, a fantastic moisturizer. Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil contains hemp which conditions the skin making it supple and soft.

Not only does this help you feel better and more relaxed after the massage, but it can also help with skin conditions. People who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or even just dry skin, can benefit from it.

This is also because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD that will soothe the skin and reduce the pain of some skin conditions as well. There are minimal side effects and if you’ve tried other remedies that haven’t worked, it’s definitely something you should consider.

5. Boosts Your Mood

Combined with CBD oil and lavender, this elevates the experience and makes it much more enjoyable. You’ll leave the massage with smoother skin, relaxed muscles, and feel less anxious or stressed in general.

All of these factors combined provide a massive boost to your mood.

6. Stimulates the Senses

Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil with massage is a great way to connect to your body and it stimulates the senses in a unique way. Since your skin, muscles, and mind are all being stimulated during the massage, it provides a great feeling.

You’ll feel more connected with your body and can help you feel refreshed and alert. Living in such a fast-paced world means that we don’t often spend enough time connecting with ourselves and living in the moment.

Eden's Spa Essential CBD Oil is a great way to do this and is something you should consider making a regular occurrence.

*Not to be consumed by mouth*